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Rabu, 02 April 2014

Intel Ivy Bridge, all you need to know about 3D transistors

Core_i7_ivy bridge intel

Intel unveils 22nm Ivy Bridge and dual transistor power TriGate graph

Intel today made official its new generation of microprocessors, the expected Ivy Bridge. But why the fuss? Are you going to revolutionize anything? The answer is yes and no, as the Ivy Bridge are the first to use 3D transistors made TriGate 22-nanometer technology compared to 32 nm of the Sandy Bridge in 2014. Words are the Tik ... (changes in the manufacturing process) of the famous Intel Tik Tok. Indeed, the Tok represents an evolution in architecture.
Very good and all this but what good is it? Well according to this new generation Intel brings several advantages including:
  • The first and most obvious is greater processing power in the Ivy Bridge. It is estimated that their performance will be between 5 and 10% higher than the Sandy Bridge, but it will depend much of the rest of the components and the use of the new 7 Series Intel
  • The 22 nm manufacturing and 3D to significantly reduce the chip surface. At Intel, they are very smart people have taken advantage of this extra space to improve the GPU (integrated graphics chip) now called Intel HD Graphics 4000. They say you can be up to two times more potent than their predecessors. What is certain is that will connect three monitors to your computer simultaneously.
  • Support for Intel WiDi 3.0 (Wireless Display)
  • As usual, improved technology is aimed also at a lower power consumption. Of the 95 watts of Sandy Bridge i7 down to 77 watts.
  • Also note that the lower the consumption, less heat dissipated and therefore less degradation of components, besides requiring less bulky dissipation systems.
  • This is of course a greater chance of overclocking. In fact, some tests have clocked the i7 clock Ivy Bridge to 4.5 GHz

They now have to prove they can do all this promise, especially in the graphics that is where the strongest attack and where most damage to companies like Nvidia.

The new Ivy Bridge will begin to be available on desktops with 9 models (in the absence of i3) being the top-end Core i7-3770K and notebooks with 6 models where the Extreme is the most powerful. Now have to wait to see them mounted on the computers of new generation to come soon.


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Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Portable Sound for iPad, Belkin, arrives in March

Techno Gadget - Portable Sound for iPad, Belkin, arrives in March - Who hallucinates in games or watching films on the Apple iPad, is generally not satisfied with the quality and intensity mainly from the speakers of the tablet. However, connect the iPad to a Home Theater Dock or on an appropriate gambling makes impossible.

To remedy these problems, Belkin has launched in the last CES Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater (Model G3A1000). The grand and pompous name refers to a box stereo sound with acoustic enough to impress. It has a built-in audio processor, the Audifi (DSP), which promises to eliminate possible distortion problems. We look forward to testing it in Infolab and compare with the B & O already evaluated.

The connector is a standard 30-pin and only works with the iPad for second and third generation. The dock, and fit perfectly to the body of the device comes with a magnetic cover. When folded, it supports the device vertically or horizontally.

The price in Brazil is not yet defined, but it will cost $ 199 in the United States. The press office confirmed she arrives in Brazil in March.

Portable Sound for iPad, Belkin, arrives in March
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