Smart Office 2 .Apk 2.0.1 for Android

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Smart Office 2 .Apk 2.0.1 for Android - Smart Office 2 .Apk 2.0.1 for Android

Create, edit, print and share Microsoft Office documents on the phone or tablet. Smart Office can create, edit, print and share Microsoft Office documents and other one even easier movement through a contextual interface, drag and drop editing and sharing the Email one original format or PDF and share to Dropbox or Google Docs .

Loading the Email Attachments, edit and send the back while you are out of the office or in a meeting. SmartOffice see Save as PDF for important documents!
Create new documents from scratch. Smart Office is the only office application that allows you to create documents using a FREE set of preloaded templates.

★ View and edit documents main office.
★ Edit text directly in the document.
★ Export to PDF.
★ Print to thousands the wireless printers.
★ Choose fonts, colors, alignment, formatting, see moving image, and more.
★ Unique View Information Document.
★ Visual Did attractive View timeline.
★ Send and receive the Email Attachments.
★ Create and delete files in storage.
Leaves the calculation
★ Recalculate the Graphics update with new formulas.
★ Zoom to any size ± or from multiple pages in the mortgage beyond, all huge.
★ Slide show presentation the.
★ Cut and paste selections to the special scrap book and system clipboard.
★ Undo mistakes easily.
★ reflux pages see fit beyond the mortgage or use full page layout.
★ Tablet user interface with the simple dialogues.
★ phone the User interface with multi-touch gestures and individual touch.
★ World's first stereoscopic 3D documents.
★ the high performance loading and zooming.
★ Android 1.5 and Forward compatibility.
★ Search for text, and follow the links hypertext.
★ Navigate easily to any page with convenient gestures.
★ Dropbox file sharing and cloud storage.
★ Google Docs file sharing for some files, beta
★ Email, SD card file access.
★ Create new documents from templates optional.
★ Browse the Archives is convenient and fast.
★ Save correctly one losing its original format's date.

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