Reported to WhatsApp for violating privacy Leye

Techno Gadget - Reported to WhatsApp for violating privacy Leye - WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application it world, violates privacy Leye ya international forces to them the users to provide access to all su address book.

WhatsApp you are one of them applications famous móviles bad it y host planet among them five bad apps sold on iOS, Android, BlackBerry WP y. For one den idea it traffic information mueve WhatsApp read Voy to give a figure that surprised me personally much: every day sent bad messenger billion through the application, you say almost 42 Million Messages per hour the almost 70,000 per minute. Incredible, is it not?

Reported to WhatsApp for violating privacy Leye

Sin embargo, all are color pink. Since FINE LINE him last year will comenzado ganarle road to WhatsApp ofreciendo ground the chance to send messenger for free bell Also llamadas junto with unos fun stickers y additional application. Y Ahora has added a major problem quite bad.

According to denounce a report Conjunto the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) and the Data Protection Authority of the Netherlands, WhatsApp violate them Leye privacy ya to them Tien users to provide it access to all them phone numbers to su address book, incluyendo as much to them as users to them in the application users.

"This lack of choice contravenes the law of privacy. Both them users like them in users should tener it control over sus personal data y los users should be able to decide freely contact details of that share with WhatsApp, "dijo Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the authority of the Dutch Data Protection.

Los researchers found to WhatsApp retiene them móviles numbers of them on users, contravening them Leye privacy.

Reported to WhatsApp for violating privacy Leye

In tiempos in the muchos will comenzado questioning permissions to the privacy, storage him and he exchange information personal applications like Facebook, WhatsApp has been compromised to make changes to the PROTECT the privacy of users of them. Remember that septiembre it last year, the app began encrypting sus data to prevent users Pudian tener access to them talk with applications like WhatsApp sniffing. Sin embargo, eso es y enough her Dutch dijo Agency that will vigilando WhatsApp y that mantenerse these violations of her privacy, impondrá harsh penalties on the company.

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