GPS Status for Android

/ -  GPS Status for Android - You have to know this Android app that will turn your phone into a professional GPS for times when you need accuracy and additional information on the coordinates where you are.

Right at your fingertips GPS Status & Toolbox gives you the raw data that the GPS on your Android device used to determine your position using various measures such as UTM or latitude and longitude.

You'll have information on how many satellites your position currently serve, the speed at which you travel, altitude above sea level and more.

Android apps like GPS Status allow you to determine the margin of error on your location and the exact coordinates where you are.

It also has a compass that points true north, magnetic north, a level to measure inclination and ability to share the position with your contacts

Aplicaciones Android : GPS StatusAplicaciones Android : GPS Status
 GPS Status for Android - GPS Status for Android - GPS Status for Android - GPS Status for Android
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