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Hace tiempo has a contábamos arrival of AirDroid v2 Beta version of a new, inclusive of the possibility that AirDroid Device control through las redes móviles.

Application is available encontraba Anteriormente is a closed beta invitations required by a user may try to, but this restriction has been Raised permitiendo Android Device with a dummy that I can download the applications.

What is AirDroid?

AirDroid is an application that has you controlling ALLOWED Android Device from the PC via web browser utilizando las redes wifi 3g p.

The applications are truly simple and possesses an interface that mimics lograda Username ideally from a desktop launcher with icons móviles a bar tareas, and permits you to control remote mobile handle.

Among its functions is the possibility of applications have offers you access to them mensajes SMS gestionarlos, and mensajes sent from a web browser.

Also you ALLOWED manage contacts, install or de-install applications, navigate Archives, fear, accessing Google Play and manage music, pictures and las Calling them of tones.

For if all of this away-bit, this app also gives us the possibility to look at the information telephone, from the status of the CPU until the battery level that is between us muchas alia.

AirDroid 2 Beta Navegador

Latest News from AirDroid 2 Beta

The latest upgraded 2 Beta Now AirDroid inclusive of the possibility of connecting the camera to the phone remotely. Thanks to this new capaz functions will take photos of sin hacer nada NEED to own the phone, and Las imágenes to download to PC utilizando that this sin was in guardadas Device.

Besides these users AirDroid 2 Beta Now I can only pulsar Localizer your telephone with a button, a function that already seen in several hemos antivirus for Android.

AirDroid 2 Beta 2

AirDroid v2 Beta is available for your discharge is best android market apps - AirDroid v2 Beta is available for your discharge
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