[APK] Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) 2.9.10

Current Version: 2.9.10
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Personalization
v2.9.10 update:
Version 2.9.10
Fixes kitkat image bugs
Custom text file not assigning bug removed.
Some other bugs removed.
1. Images not assigned bug removed.
2. Some other bugs removed.
1. User interface changed.
2. Buzz launcher integration. Skins can be uploaded to and downloaded from Buzz launcher sharing service.

Make your own widgets easily in a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor. Use custom layout, fonts, images, shapes, interesting objects like series clocks, weather information with icons,
unread sms and gmail counts, battery information with bars and pie graphs, analog clocks, TASKER VARIABLES and more. Use hotspots to assign actions to widget.
Does not require programming, editing xml files or rooting your phone. Share your creations easily either through uzip files or make apks and post on Google play.
Or keep your unique widgets to yourself and tease others.

UCCW features in detail:

1) The following objects are available in widgets:
- time and date elements
- Week bar
- Analog clock
- Static texts
- Battery level, battery status, battery bar (solid and barcode) and battery circle
- Weather elements like current temperature, condition, humidity, wind speed, icon, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, forecasts etc.
- Shapes
- Images
- Unread counts for Gmail, sms and missed calls
- Next alarm time
- Series clocks and series time and date elements

2) Each objects has various options like size, color, alpha (transparency), rotation (angle) etc. to satisfy your most needs. Examples are using images for widget background, hour and minute objects;
using custom texts for time and date objects and weather conditions etc.

3) You don’t need experience in coding, or knowledge of xml files. Root not required.

4) Use custom fonts easily. Put your fonts in ’sdcard/fonts’ and set them in the app.

5) Assign custom images, made in photoshop, gimp or paint, from gallery or file explorers.

6) Make your own analog clocks.

7) Make your own weather widgets. Adorn them with weather icons. UCCW supports different weather icons during night.

8) Import/ export, save skins for easy sharing. Post skins on Google play – see below.

9) Set hotspots on widgets. Hotspots are clickable areas on UCCW widget that perform action when touched. Actions are launching apps, opening alarm clock or update weather.

10) Use custom text option for time and date elements and weather condition. Useful for translation or having your own custom values to show in place of the default ones.


Search Google play or visit website link for examples of skins.

To post your UCCW skins in Google play follow this link for further information:


Please don’t ask questions in google play feedback. There is no way to answer you back. Either email me or post question on website link. Email link is given in app.


1) Widget may not update if killed by task killers. Kindly exclude UCCW in task killers.
2) If you get force closes uninstall app and install again. Send me logcat if possible.
3) Clock not updating is an issue with the stock MIUI v4 launcher. Use different launcher if clock does not update.
4) Google play skins may not appear for some custom roms or if you changed screen density.

Help with translation:

Visit this page to help with uccw translation:

Permissions explained:

write external storage – to export skins.
accsess network state – for weather data and google ads.
read contacts – for number of missed calls.
read sms – for text messages unread count.
LOCATION – for weather.

Previous versions:
Version 2.8.7 – https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7wl9qTOm4NLcGphMWVvcTFZa28/edit?usp=sharing
Version 2.9.3 – https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7wl9qTOm4NLX1pnNkw1aU1VQ28/edit?usp=sharing
Version – https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7wl9qTOm4NLaURaaWhXRHJ4LXM/edit?usp=sharing

Download via Google Play:
download button Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) 2.9.10 on Google Play
Download :
download button Download Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) 2.9.10
download button Download Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) 2.9.10 [mirror]
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