[APK] Profile Scheduler+ 3.0.6

Profile Scheduler+ Current Version: 3.0.6
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v3.0.6 update:
- Brightness issue for some phones.
- Attempt to fix crash after reboot for some phones.
- Widget pops dialog instead of full screen (paid version)
- Fixed 4.x Airplane mode helper issue.
- Touch feedback for all clickable items.
Previous change logs

Imagine as you reach office, the phone volumes automatically decrease. Putting your phone face down in the meeting room, it goes into silent mode. Once you are at home, it turns on WiFi and connect to your home WiFi. It turns off all connections when battery is low.

These are just a few scenarios. You can create your own rules.

Dear users, Airplane mode and GPS toggle are not working on Jelly Bean (4.3) onwards. These issues have been there even in v2.1.5. This is still being worked on.

Next release (3.0.3):
- Airplane mode on 4.3 onwards will be supported on rooted phones installed with 4.x Airplane mode helper. http://android.dm.id.lv/Jelly_Bean_4.x_Airplane_Mode_Helper
- Fixed for status bar/widget icons. Users will still need to edit and reselect the profile icon to fix this.

Profile Scheduler lets you change volume, wireless and other phone settings quickly and easily.

Simply set and forget!

Activate profile by just a click or by rules : Scheduler, Location(GPS or Network [cells, Wifi, cell-id]), Calendar, Headset, Car Dock, Power, Battery Level, Wifi, Bluetooth, Orientation, Periodic Timer, or a countdown timer! You can even set the priority for the rules.

It comes with 5 default profiles: Normal, Meeting, Silent, Night and Outdoor. If you don’t like them, simply change them or create your own. You may consider the following profiles:

Car – GPS on, Bluetooth on, Wi-Fi off, screen never timeout.
Power Saver – Mobile data, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth off, low brightness, short screen timeout, auto-sync off

The following profile settings are supported:

- Volume for ringtone, notification, alarm, media, voice and system
- Vibrate for incoming call and notification
- Phone Ringtone
- Notification Ringtone
- Airplane mode (Issue on 4.3 and 4.4)
- Mobile Data
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- GPS (May not work on some phones due to Google blocking it)
- Speaker Mode
- Haptic Feedback
- Audible touch tone
- Brightness – Automatic, Default or Custom
- Screen timeout – 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, Never
- Auto-sync
- Wallpaper from Gallery or File Manager.
- Launch app
- Close app

Other features
- 2 widgets
- Support ’Volume Locker’
- Backup & Restore user data
- Option for to disable rule/whitelist
- Rule prioritization
- 12/24 hours display
- Countdown timer
- Lock active profile
- Rule prioritization
- Whitelist contacts: customise ringer/sms volume for certain contacts regardless of profile. Can be used as blacklist. (Known issue: unable to suppress vibration)
- Save location (paid version)
- Activate profile through widget (paid version)
- Profile shortcut (paid version)

We (just myself) have been trying very hard to improve this app and your support is very important. If you like the app, please help me share it with your friends.

For bug report, please refer to:

For suggestion, please refer to:

Full features and without ads:
- unlimited rules
- save location
- up to 50 whitelist contacts
- widget to activate and lock profile, activate countdown timer
- profile shortcut

Users are encouraged to try out the free version before purchase!

Follow us on Twitter @wetpalm4android.

Download via Google Play:
download button Profile Scheduler+ 3.0.6 on Google Play
Download :
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