Twitter v3.0.0.11 (BETA) (OS 5.0-6.0-7.0-7.1)

Twitter v3.0.0.11 (BETA) (OS 5.0-6.0-7.0-7.1) 

 Twitter v3.0.0.11 (BETA) (OS 5.0-6.0-7.0-7.1)

New features of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0 include:
-BBM Connected App Integration
-New Tweet Layout
-Twitter Photo Service Support
-Automatic Link Shortening
-Promoted Tweets
-Improved Notifications for Wi-Fi Only Users

Please see below for known issues in Twitter for BlackBerry client version
-Twitpic not loading on when viewing profile with BIS Social SIM
-Loading spinner never disappears, when tweet is posted
-Text is truncated when rendering in portrait orientation[/list]
-Tweets are randomly Favorited when viewing another users Favorites

Twitter v3.0.0.11 BETA OS 5.0 ~ 1.74MB
Twitter v3.0.0.11 BETA OS 6.0 ~ 1.75MB
Twitter v3.0.0.11 BETA OS 7.0 ~ 1.81MB
Twitter v3.0.0.11 BETA OS 7.1 ~ 1.84MB


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