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Typing Zombie

Typing Zombie Android game,Help ah! Zombies are coming!Destroy them with your phone!
Enter the corresponding word zombie head could destroy them;,Using a physical keyboard and virtual keyboard can operate;

Typing Zombie was developed for Android by YoujuMedia
Package name :

Typing Zombie Android game
Unknown Typing Zombie

Backbreaker Football

Backbreaker Football: android excellent arcade football experience. Using accelerometer controls and on-screen buttons, the player must sprint, dodge and spin past waves of oncoming defenders, racking up point combos and bonus multipliers on their way to the endzone. And through Facebook integration, players will be able to see how their high-scores stack up against their friends’.
Compete for the Golden Helmet awards in ‘Challenge Mode’ or take the ultimate hardcore test in the gruelling 50 wave Endurance Mode
Unlock secret content by completing Challenges and winning helmets.

Backbreaker Football game was developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Package name: com.ideaworks3d.tackle.apk

Modern Combat Sandstorm

Gameloft’s new action thriller will plunge you into the heart of modern war. Assigned to Operation Sandstorm, your duty is to locate and annihilate a terrorist cell setting up shop and recruiting foreign insurgents in a remote desert. This heart-stopping FPS will equip you with the most sophisticated modern-day weapons.
10 solo missions featuring varied and highly polished Middle Eastern environments.
Local and online multiplayer: Up to 4 players competing on 3 multiplayer maps.
Choose from 3 different control systems: Default, Screen Tap and Virtual Sticks.
Highly polished 3D graphics and cinematics provide full immersion in the combat experience.
Aim and shoot with extra precision in Sniper and Ironsight mode.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm for Android Was Developed by Gameloft
Package name: Modern Combat Sandstorm v1.0.apk

Downlad Modern Combat: Sandstorm android game click here

Roller Rev 99

Roller Rev 99 Android game:
Hold on for 99 tracks of high-speed fun with up to 5 power-ups, ghost race multiplayer mode and more! Experience tracks that’ll thrill you at every turn – including elements like water splash, cave tunnel and falling tracks. Digital Chocolate

Roller Rev 99 tracks was developed for Android by Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Package name : com.digitalchocolate.androidrollergapp

Downlad Roller Rev 99 tracks Android game click here

BlackShark 2

BlackShark 2: Siberia android game.Black Shark will face eternal ice, hundreds of units of well-trained enemy infantry and engines, one hundred thousand cannons and bombs, the invulnerable supersonic fighter "Su-27" and the atomic submarine "Red October", the Christmas atmosphere and also a special guest – Santa Claus on reindeers! Ho ho ho!
Black Shark 2: Siberia was developed for Android by HeroCraft Ltd
Package name :
Unknown BlackShark 2


HEAVY GUNNER 3D android game,
Heavy Gunner is a 3D inter-galactic shooter that will blow your mind! With dual stick controls, you can blast your enemies from each side & control the aim of your weapons independently.
Stunning 3D graphics with elaborately designed backgrounds for 35stages.

HEAVY GUNNER 3D was developed for Android by Com2uS
Package name : com.com2us.HG

Downlad HEAVY GUNNER 3D Android game click here

H.A.W.X action

H.A.W.X Android mobile game by gameloft.3d graphics with on air fight,Tom Clancy's the way go android mobile also the same,
THE FAMOUS LICENCE NOW ON YOUR Android, combining the console game's scenario depth and quality.
13 MISSIONS TO PUT YOUR PILOT SKILLS TO THE TEST with diverse objectives and gameplay.
26 LICENSED PLANES modeled in 3D: as an elite jet fighter, take control of the most advanced planes.
FULL-3D ENVIRONMENTS, based on GeoEye® satellite imagery: Fly and fight over 13 real locations.
ACCELEROMETER OR VIRTUAL JOYSTICK, choose the control mode that best fits your way of piloting.
LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MODE for up to 4 players via local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: prepare for battle.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X android mobile game.
Downlad H.A.W.X 3D Android game click here
Unknown H.A.W.X action

Dungeon Hunter

Dungeon HunterAndroid action game,v3.1.0,
When the darkness awoke, evil flooded over the land of Gothicus. Dispel the darkness in your realm, uncover your memory about terrible events and fight the evil queen who tyrannizes the kingdom… the queen you loved. Dungeon Hunter is a 3D epic quest set in a dark fantasy world, in the tradition of the most successful action RPGs.

Dungeon HunterAndroid action game,v3.1.0 Developed by gameloft.
Discover the enormous world of Gothicus and achieve different types of quests and missions: explore, kill, protect, find special items… 5 faeries, each with their own personality, will help you, providing protection, powers and advice.
Create your own character: choose his class from Rogue (to act stealthily), Knight (to use the blade as your favorite weapon) or Mage (to perform the most powerful magic).
Evolve and progress along your adventure. Gain experience points by killing enemies or succeeding in certain quests, and choose how to distribute them according to the skills you want to favor.
Tons of items, weapons and armors to find or buy from the merchant. They will change the look and abilities of your character.
A great gameplay experience (hack ‘n’ slash) for real-time fights, providing a heavy dose of fun for everybody.
Play this unique action RPG for hours! Defeat the forces of evil, by magic and by sword, and finally face your destiny.

Downlad Dungeon HunterAndroid action game,v3.1.0, click here
Unknown Dungeon Hunter

Hero of Sparta

Hero of Sparta v3.1.0 A full 3D experience: move in 3 dimensions in superb and varied 3D environments.
and Unleash the hero’s special powers by performing touch screen move combos.
this game have 8 different levels to explore: the mysterious Atlantis, the depths of the Underworld, and more.
Face legions of enemies and the most impressive mythical creatures such as the Cyclops or Cerberus.
.Fabulous equipment and 5 mythic weapons to upgrade: draw your mythic swords, ax, and bow!Fight, explore, solve puzzles... more than a basic hack and slash: a real odyssey.

Hero of Sparta v3.1.0 game description:
You wake up alone on an unknown beach,your boat and entire fleet missing.It's the beginning of an epic odyssey to find out just what game the gods are playing with you, King Argos. Your fate now lies in their hands. Battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death as you journey from the Oracle's Island to Atlantis and finally to the depths of the Underworld. You will fight the most phenomenal monsters from mythology, defy Cerberus and the Cyclops, and challenge the gods themselves! It's your chance to write your own legend. if you can survive this mythic adventure.

Downlad Hero of Sparta v3.1.0 android game click here
Unknown Hero of Sparta

PES 2011

PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer
The unrivalled and award-winning football simulation is entering its first season on the Android platform!
Immerse yourself in unprecedented football atmosphere and the true PES experience with PES 2011.
Features:Unrivalled realism: Experience incredible gameplay and focus on tactics, goals and winning trophies while competing against the most advanced team and player AI on the market.
Exclusive UEFA Club Competitions: PES 2011 includes many of the best European club teams in the officially licensed UEFA Champions League™ and UEFA

PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer Europa League™ modes.
Outstanding Accessibility for Beginners and Experts: The uniquely designed true flowTM control system provides instant access for players of all levels by utilising the accelerometer and AI-supported touch controls. More advanced players are presented with unlimited freedom of play by being able to master classic console-style controls with virtual pad and buttons.
Stunning graphics: Detailed stadiums and pitches provide the perfect visual environment for exciting matches

experience on the Android platform!
Download the game data package and copy to "SDCard:\Android\data\com.konami.pes2011"
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 was developed for Android by Konami Digital Entertainment
Package name : us.konami.pes2011
PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer Android MOBILE GAME Download
Unknown PES 2011

Street Fighter

Remember the game street fighter by Capcom, now CPS2HD Emulator also Play System 2 Arcade,Starting from v2.0.0, network play is possible on CPS2HD.
Right now, it supports wifi buddy mode only and future update will have online battle mode.
For Wifi Network Play (AD-HOC mode), both players need to be under the same wifi network.1. Enable wifi from the phone setting and launch CPS2HD.2. Select "NetworkPlay-Wifi Buddy".3. Select "Player 1" or "Player 2"Player 1 -> select "Connect".Player 2 -> Ask player 1 and enter his IP address.4. Load the same romFight!

CPS2HD Emulator was developed for Android by Jrioni
Package name : com.jrioni.cps2hd

CPS2HD Emulator android game
Unknown Street Fighter

Real Football Manager 2010

Real Football Manager android mobile game by Gameloft UK,
Discover the most extensive football management simulator for your Android. Choose your club from 8 leagues and more than 200 teams. All transfers have been updated for the 2008/2009 season for more realism. Plan your players' training schedule and perfect each position's tactics to lead them to the title.

Real Football Manager 2009 was developed for Android by Gameloft UK
Package name :

Real Football Manager 2009 android mobile game


Gangstar: West Coast Hustle android mobile game,adventure,action,and with history game,
Move to the West Coast and immerse yourself in L.A. gang life with the new Gangstar. Explore more realistic environments than ever for a unique gameplay experience. Complete 50 different missions that combine the best of action games and driving games.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle android mobile game support on most of android os mobiles,try now to your android..
Gangstar: West Coast Hustle android mobile game click here
Unknown Gangstar


NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT one of best Car racing game for Android Mobiles,Get the most visual impressive and extreme Racing Game NEED FOR SPEED Shift on your Android Smartphone. The physics are very well done and fantastic graphics like real cars.Need for Speed Shift. The mobile game features 24 street and pro-racing events in locations such as Cichago, Dubai, Italy, and London. You need high end Android Device to enjoy the game fully,

Android Mobile Game NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT

NOVA Android

Gameloft developed by N.O.V.A android action game,Join the fight for mankind's survival against the aggressive aliens known as Judgers in this revolutionary sci-fi FPS. With Earth no longer able to sustain life, huge artificial satellites called “near-orbitals” were constructed for people to live on. To protect themselves, the near-orbitals banded together to form N.O.V.A., the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. Against his will, retired marine hero Kal Wardin is forcefully returned to active duty to prevent mankind's annihilation. Plunge into an unparalleled gaming experience on Android phones

Developed by Gamelofts N.O.V.A Android Action Game
Downlad N.O.V.A Android click here
Unknown NOVA Android
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Dijual Gemini 8520

Dijual BlackBerry Gemini 8520 second
kondisi lengkap warna hitam
harga Rp.1.900.000

Clinik BlackBerry
plaza pondok gede
lt.dasar blok A no.1
0813 1810 7994
021 9907 2069
Unknown dagangan

Dijual Onyx 9700

Dijual BlackBerry 9700 second
warna hitam mulus bergaransi
kondisi komplit
harga 3.450.000

Clinik BlackBerry
plaza pondok gede
lt.dasar blok A no.1
0813 1810 7994
021 9907 2069
Unknown dagangan

Dijual Bold 9000

Dijual BlackBerry Bold 9000 second
kondisi mulus lengkap
harga Rp.2.200.000

Clinik BlackBerry
plaza pondok gede
lt.dasar blok A no.1
0813 1810 7994
021 9907 2069

Unknown dagangan

solusi BBM pending

Sering terjadi kepada kita paling sedikit sekali, apalagi saat pertama kali kita mempunyai Blackberry. Saat kita mau add sebuah contact (PIN) ke BBM tiba-tiba stuck dan pending, dan kita tidak tahu mau berbuat apa. Ini beberapa penyebab dari contact yang pending:

- Network sedang delay

- BBM request dikirim melalui email dan masuk ke dalam Spam email penerima

- Mungkin saat penginstalan BBM ada sedikit Corrupt

- PIN dari penerima atau pengirim sedang tidak aktif.

- Salah PIN saat mengirim request.

Jika anda mengalami hal ini coba cek guide di bawah ini.

Penyebab 1

Network delays
Solusi 1

Kirim PIN message ke contact untuk verify PIN delivery status. Caranya, bisa lihat KB02913.
Perhatikan jika ada delay dengan PIN message delivery.
Jika PIN message tidak terkirim verify status signal dan hubungi wireless service provider jika ada masalah dengan PIN message delivery.
Penyebab 2

BBM request terkirim melalui email dan masuk ke dalam SPAM.
Solusi 2

Log in ke email account
Cek SPAM/Junk folder.
Jika email masuk disitu, mark it sebagai not SPAM/Junk dan tunggu BlackBerry® Internet Service untuk mengirim message ke device anda.
Penyebab 3

Ada sedikit Corrput saat install aplikasi BBM atau di Contact List.
Solusi 3

Backup Contact BBM anda, caranya bisa lihat di KB12487.
Remove dan reinstall BlackBerry Messenger menggunakan Application Loader tool di BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Caranya lihat di KB03621.

Hapus Contact BBM melalui Backup and Restore tool di BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Caranya:

Buka BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
Connect BlackBerry smartphone ke komputer.
Double-click Backup & Restore.
Click Advanced.
Di right-hand pane, locate dan select BlackBerry Messenger dan click Clear.
Add contacts ke BlackBerry Messenger dan kirim request anda lagi
Penyebab 4

PIN penerima atau Blackberry sedang tidak aktif.
Solusi 4

Pastikan BlackBerry smartphone dalam keadaan aktif.
Penyebab 5

Salah memasukkan nomor PIN.
Solusi 5

Pastikan PIN-nya benar lalu invite ulang.

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