Price of iPhone 3G Telkomsel

iPhone 3GPrice of iPhone 3G Telkomsel

Telkomsel has scheduled to launch its first iPhone 3G in Indonesia tonight (20 Marchs 2009) in Pacific Place, Pavilion-South Entrance, South Jakarta.

The price of iPhone 3G itself, Telkomsel differentiates between post paid and prepaid. For prepaid iPhone 3G 8GB sold with price Rp.9.605.000,- while 16GB is sold with price Rp 11.205.000,-. The price included bonus accesses internet 500 MB.

Whereas for customer postpaid, Telkomsel offers package as follows:

Package PostPaid Turbo
Handset Price 8GB Rp 4.455.000
Handset Price 16GB Rp 5.912.000
Monthly fee Rp 354.000
Bonus Free Data 500 MBs

packages PostPaid Turbo Plus
Handset Price 8GB Rp 3.844.000
Handset Price 16GB Rp 5.301.000
Monthly fee Rp 488.000
Bonus Free Data 500 MBs, Free Talk 180 minuteses, Free 150 SMSs

Package Post PaidTurbo Premium
Handset Price 8GB Rp 2.622.000
Handset Price 16GB Rp 4.079.000
Monthly fee Rp 733.000
Bonus Free Data 1000 MBs, Free Talk 360 minuteses, Free 300 SMSs

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