The term "hack " was first used by U.S. university computer center staff in the mid-1960s. Context determined whether Complimentary derogatory or meanings are implied. Phrases such as "ugly hack" or "quick hack" generally referred to the second means; phrases such as "cool hack" or "neat hack," for the former. In a modern computer program, the "hack" can refer to a solution or a method that works correctly, but the "bad" in the concept, working outside the structure and norms received from the environment, or that are not easily extended or maintainable ( see kludge). Jargon used by hackers called Hackish (see Jargon File). Do not be confused with "1337" or "leetspeak."

In the same vein, a "hack" may refer to work outside the computer program. For example, mathematics hack means a clever solution to the problems of mathematics. GNU General Public License has been described as [who?] Copyright hack because cleverly using the copyright laws for the purpose of the lawmakers do not first. All this use is now also appears to be spreading outside MIT also.

Nah..Tool-tool ini biasa di gunakan oleh para Hacker maupun Phreaker untuk melakukan aksinya"terjangan(hack)", JIka anda ingin mencobanya silahkan download, tapi jangan di pakai buat yang aneh-aneh ya...
[zip] Y! 560.9 KB

[zip] Y! Terrorism 239.3 KB

[zip] 19.7 KB

[zip] 71.1 KB

[zip] 2.1 MB

[zip] 1.6 MB

[zip] 2.5 MB

[zip] 417.1 KB

[zip] 98.1 KB

[zip] 1,022.3 KB

[zip] Y-N 453.4 KB

[zip] 244.6 KB

[zip] 527.1 KB

[zip] 204.8 KB

[zip] 204.5 KB

[zip] 500.7 KB

[zip] 2.0 MB

[zip] Y-Snatcher! 101.6 KB

[zip] 144.4 KB

[zip] 1.9 MB

[zip] 316.8 KB

[zip] 573.1 KB

[zip] 395.2 KB

[zip] 108.6 KB

[zip] 3.6 MB

[zip] 710.3 KB

[zip] 61.7 KB

[zip] 288.6 KB

[zip] 1.3 MB

[zip] Yah-Wanted - The Most 352.9 KB

[zip] 311.7 KB

[zip] 971.2 KB

[zip] Yah3ll-Assassin 971.5 KB

[zip] 942.6 KB

[zip] 2.8 MB

[zip] 139.6 KB

[zip] 168.0 KB

[zip] 147.1 KB

[zip] Yah 103.2 KB

[zip] YAHKILLERS 91.3 KB

[zip] YaHoO!.zip 245.7 KB

[zip] Yahoo! Fucker 295.1 KB

[zip] 57.8 KB

[zip] 270.6 KB

[zip] 62.5 KB

[zip] 1.4 MB
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